Office Drama,

Politics, & Miscommunication

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Evrgrn is your guide to teamwork and organizational health.

Does your Team struggle with...

  • Communication Breakdowns?

  • Missed Expectations?

  • Lack of Trust?

  • Fear of Conflict?

  • High Turnover?

  • Poor or Slow Decision-Making?

  • Lack of Productivity?

  • Frustration & Burnout?

We help your team unlock their potential. 

We know that leading a team is hard. We also know that good leadership is more important now than ever. 

We use proven training, resources, and personality profiling systems to help you craft and lead the team you've always dreamt about. 

Our foundational content is called "the enneagram." It is an ancient framework that can help us understand ourselves and others in profound ways.

When paired with modern organizational leadership and teamwork training modules, your team will be more effective, have higher job satisfaction, and less drama than ever before. 


"Understanding your team is one of the best ways to grow as a leader. Evrgrn is the real deal. Your team will walk away motivated and empowered. And as you know, when your team gets healthy, your business gets healthy."


—  Daniel, Deliver Hope

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