About Evrgrn

Hello! I'm Ryan, your teamwork Consultant.


Ryan Mayfield is a Teamwork Consultant & Certified Enneagram Coach.


Even though he'd sat through almost every imaginable version of a leadership training and personality assessment, he never really felt like those trainings left a truly lasting impact on himself or those he worked with. That all changed when he encountered the enneagram. This led him to start his company, Evrgrn.


Today, he works with many business leaders and teams across a wide variety of industries, using the enneagram to help them understand themselves, each other, communicate better, and love their jobs.


He is obsessed with things like good coffee, travel, cricket (the sport), and helping teams & leaders thrive in every season.

We help your team unlock their potential. 

We know that leading a team is hard. We also know that good leadership is more important now than ever. 

We use proven training, resources, and personality profiling systems to help you craft and lead the team you've always dreamt about. 

Our foundational content is called "the enneagram." It is an ancient framework that can help us understand ourselves and others in profound ways.

When paired with modern organizational leadership and teamwork training modules, your team will be more effective, have higher job satisfaction, and less drama than ever before. 

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"Evrgn's training is absolutely worth the investment. This training improves how people interact with each other. But not just that, it also improves how you interact with yourself. This type of continual self-care helps marriages, teams, churches, companies, etc. thrive for the long haul."




What types of teams do you work with?

We work with many types of teams across a wide variety of industries. If your team works together regularly, we can probably work with you.

How much does a group training cost?

Our prices will vary depending on which services you are interested in. We provide standalone trainings with prices to fit any team, and we also offer monthy services that range in price depending on needs and team size. Schedule a call with us and we'll help you find the service that best fits your needs.

Are there any discounts available?

Our pricing model is scalable for any team size. If you have a small team, your price will be adjusted to fit your needs. Some discounts, including for non-profits, are available upon request.

How do I know if your services will actually work?

For our monthly clients, we administer a quarterly team assessment that tracks five key team functions. You'll be able to see your team's scores increase over time.

Where did you receive your training?

Ryan is a certified enneagram coach through Enneagram Life Coaching as well as GiANT Worldwide. He has also taken courses through Business Made Simple University and the Soma Network.

Are your trainings available online?

Yes! While we love doing our training in-person when possible, we are also open to doing online trainings over Zoom. Online Trainings do not come with physical materials like workbooks, though digital versions will be made available.

Are you available to travel?

Yes, if travel is paid for. We will go anywhere in the Central Arkansas area for no additional cost, but outside of that we ask that in-person trainings include travel and lodging for the trainer.

I'm not quite ready to book something. Can we chat first?

Sure! The best way to do that would be to use the form at the bottom of our homepage to let us know what you need.

Is there a minimum or maximum Team Size?

There is no minimum or maximum team size, though logistically we might have to make some adjustments for very large trainings. If there is a way we can help -regardless of your team size- please let us know.

Do you offer anything for individuals or couples?

Yes! Click here to learn more.