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Leader Coaching

One-time & Ongoing Leader Development Opportunities

Business Meeting

Monthly 1:1 Coaching

Meet with a coach on a regular basis. Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly options are available. Each session will begin with a check-in, followed by time to process any current struggles with your team/leadership. Finally, you’ll end each session by creating an action plan.

Business Discussion

Leader Instensive

Looking for an immediate breakthrough in your leadership? Our leadership intensives are exactly what you need. Choose 1 or all 6 sessions to maximize your leadership impact.

*Group Intensives also available upon request.

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"Understanding your team is one of
the best ways to grow as a leader.
Evrgrn is the real deal. Your team will
walk away motivated and
empowered. And as you know, when
your team gets healthy, your business
gets healthy.“

Daniel, Deliver Hope