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What does an Evrgrn Team Look Like?

More Productive

When teams are healthy there is less conflict overall. Team members generally get along better because they are working together better. And even when there is conflict, healthy teams can navigate it in a healthy and productive way. When there is less conflict on a team, they can spend more time and energy focusing on what they are actually there to do, and thus, are more productive.


Healthy teams understand one another and can adjust their communication to best connect with each other. With this context in mind, miscommunication -and the inefficiencies that accompany them- are minimized.


When team members feel understood by their peers, they feel belonging. When people feel like they belong, they have purpose and are happier. Happier team members want to stay around longer, leading to reduced turnover, which can be costly for a team in terms of money and morale.

What Do We Do?

Team Training

We begin every client relationship with a team training. During this training, we look at each team member's personality profiles and talk about how those specific profiles can work together.

Monthly Workshops

Teams that wish to apply the training in an ongoing, real-time environment can take advantage of our monthly workshops. We use both training and coaching environments to make sure your team gets the most out of this time.

Executive Coaching

We work directly with team leaders using coaching sessions that are custom-tailored to their personality types, to help them lead their teams more effectively and become the leader they want to be.

And more!

We offer services in many more areas such as conflict management, hiring, firing, external communications, onboarding, and more!

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Evrgrn’s training services focus primarily on the enneagram and team members’ personalities. Trainings include things such as Understanding Motivations, Communication Styles, Conflict Management, Decision Making, Stress Response, Thinking Outside The Box, Understanding Your Teammates, and more.


Evrgrn also provides introductory enneagram assessments and training for the team, as well as for new hires.


Training options are available in multiple formats, including online and in-person options.


Evrgrn coaching services exist to help leaders navigate leadership challenges with their team members’ personalities in mind. Coaching based on the individuals on the team leads to the most effective communication from the leader.


Evrgrn also offers coaching for team members as needed, including exit interviews, stay interviews, employee troubleshooting, conflict management, and more.


Evrgrn creates many different resources to help leaders and teams continue to develop at their own pace. These include blogs, social media, podcasts, books, online courses, videos, and more.


Getting Started Is Easy

Free Consultation

Book a free consultation to find out if Evrgrn is right for your team.

Free Enneagram Bootcamp

Do a free Enneagram Bootcamp to learn how the enneagram can help your team.

Team Enneagram Workshop

Your whole team will learn about the enneagram and how to apply the system to your organization.