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Don't let Miscommunication Sabotage your team.

Communication breakdowns are incredibly frustrating wastes of time and resources.

Learning to "speak each other's language" is the key to good communication.


What is the Enneagram?

The enneagram is an ancient tool that we use to help people understand themselves and each other. 

Similar to DISC, Myers-Briggs, and other personality assessments, the enneagram focuses on our internal motivations and helps us see how different people view the world.

The Enneagram Workshop

Time: 4 Hours

Our Enneagram Workshop is a great way for your team to begin their journey to thriving in every season. Each person will receive their own enneagram assessment, workbook, and an in-depth enneagram training which will cover the 9 personality types of the enneagram as well as how your team can use this information to work together better.

The Enneagram Workshop is split up into three sessions:

Session 1: The Enneagram & Teamwork

Time: 1.5 hrs


In this session, we will learn about the enneagram system and take a look at each of the nine different personality profiles. We will also consider the makeup of our teams and what that means for collaboration and teamwork.


Session 2: Personality Dynamics & Decision Making

Time: 1.25 hrs


In session 2, we will take a deeper dive into each person’s type and talk about how different factors such as stress or relaxation impact personality. We will also look at how each type processes information and makes decisions.


Session 3: Team Communication

Time: 1.25 hrs


Our final session is all about effective communication. We will explore each type’s unique contributions and pitfalls when it comes to communicating with others, as well as how each type can connect best with those around them.

Step 2: Schedule a Call

Schedule a short call with us to tell us more about your team and how we can help. We will discuss potential dates for your workshop and answer any other questions you have about the process.