SOS: We need your help!

Hi Everyone,

First, thanks for being here at all! There are a lot of things out there you could be reading, yet you chose to be here. I really do appreciate that.

Second, if you haven't already seen it, I'm making some changes to the Evrgrn blog. Instead of the shorter weekly posts, we are going to experiment with longer-form monthly content. This will start with the regular written format, but who knows where it will end up!? Maybe we'll get into some video or other mediums.

The hope is that we will be able to deliver some unique content that you can really sink your teeth into and mull over with your team. To that end, I'm personally asking for your help. There are two things that you can do. Either will be extremely helpful:

Option 1: Ask Questions

I'd love to hear from you about your questions and thoughts around the enneagram, teamwork, and leadership. If you've got a question or a thought that you'd like to see the blog address, please please please let us know! You can reach out directly via email at We really want to produce content that is relevant and helpful to your teams, and hearing from you is the best way for us to do that. Thanks in advance!

Option 2: Write A Guest Post

Do you have some thoughts you'd like to share? We would love to hear them. Let us know what you are thinking by using this link. We'll work with you to make sure it's ready for mass consumption, and then feature your post on our blog!

Thanks for diving into this experiment with us. We are excited about the possibilities and about YOU being involved!

- Ryan Mayfield

Team Consultant, Enneagram Coach