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Evrgrn’s training services focus primarily on the enneagram and team members’ personalities. Trainings include things such as Understanding Motivations, Communication Styles, Conflict Management, Decision Making, Stress Response, Thinking Outside The Box, Understanding Your Teammates, and more.


Evrgrn also provides introductory enneagram assessments and training for the team, as well as for new hires.


Training options are available in multiple formats, including online and in-person options.


Evrgrn coaching services exist to help leaders navigate leadership challenges with their team members’ personalities in mind. Coaching based on the individuals on the team leads to the most effective communication from the leader.


Evrgrn also offers coaching for team members as needed, including exit interviews, stay interviews, employee troubleshooting, conflict management, and more.


Evrgrn creates many different resources to help leaders and teams continue to develop at their own pace. These include blogs, social media, podcasts, books, online courses, videos, and more.

Business Team At Work

"Huge shoutout and thank you to Ryan & Evrgrn for the coaching and team training he has done with my firm. Highly recommend for any leader or team who wants better communication among their team!"

Laura H.

Laura J Hanlon CPA

Plans & Prices

Monthly Packages

Don't let your investments in your team be a one-and-done deal. The best way to build and maintain a healthy team is with our Evrgrn Monthly Packages. For a fraction of the cost of an in-house specialist, you can have everything you need to make sure your team continues to thrive in every season.



  • Monthly Team Training

  • Onboard 5 Team Members/month

  • 10% discount for one-time services

  • $100 credit for one-time team training

  • Does NOT include initial Enneagram Workshop.



  • Monthly Team Training

  • Onboard 10 Team Members/month

  • 35% discount for one-time services

  • $500 credit for one-time training

  • 2 Free Passes to all Evrgrn public events

  • Monthly Coaching email for 10 Team Members

  • 2 hrs/mo Executive Coaching

  • 1 hr/mo Private Team Coaching

  • Does NOT include initial Enneagram Workshop.



  • Monthly Team Training

  • Onboard 20 Team Members/month

  • 50% discount for one-time services

  • $1000 credit for one-time training

  • 5 Free Passes to all Evrgrn public events

  • Monthly Coaching Email for 25 Team Members

  • 5 hrs/mo Executive Coaching

  • 2 hrs/mo Private Team Coaching

  • 1 Annual Retreat (after 3 months of service)

  • 2 hrs/mo Integration & Hiring Consulting

  • Initial Enneagram Workshop is included!

Every Evrgrn Monthly Package requires an initial Enneagram Workshop. You can find the details below in the One-Time Training section. Each package has credits and discounts that you may apply towards this initial training if you wish. Evrgrn monthly plans are paid in advance and can be changed/canceled at any time with no penalty. Pay for 6 months in advance and receive a 20% discount!

One-Time Trainings

Can't commit to a monthly plan right now? Our one-time training options are a great place to start in the meantime.


1 Hour


+ $15/person

Intro to Enneagram is the bare-bones training if you are crunched for time. Your team will each receive an enneagram assessment, a workbook, and a crash-course on the 9 different personality types of the enneagram.


4 Hours


+ $15/person

Our Enneagram Workshop is a great way for your team to begin their journey to thriving in every season. Each person will receive their own enneagram assessment, workbook, and an in-depth enneagram training which will cover the 9 personality types of the enneagram as well as how your team can use this information to work together better.


8+ Hours



Want to do an all-day or overnight off-site with your team? The Enneagram Intensive is what you need. Each team member will receive their own enneagram assessment and workbook. As a team, we will then cover all the basics of the enneagram, how your team can communicate and work together better, and how each person can become a better team player. We'll also give plenty of time for each team member to work through their own personal stories and how those stories impact your team as a whole.


1-On-1 Sessions

What does a one-on-one coaching session look like?

Glad you asked! Right now I'm hosting 1-hour coaching sessions via Zoom call.

These are casual! Ryan will listen to your story, read through Enneagram type descriptions to see where they do and don't fit, teach you about facets of the Enneagram you might not have known, and ask you lots of questions.

A one-on-one hour coaching session is currently $80.


Couple's Sessions

What does a Couple's coaching session look like?

A couple's coaching session can last between 1 and 2 hours, and currently are available over a Zoom call.

If you're having trouble communicating with your partner, a couple's session can help. We'll talk about your specific enneagram types as well as how they work together, and where there might be friction.

A couple's coaching session is currently $120.


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