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Our Services for Teams

Evrgrn offers several services for teams who want to improve communication and upgrade their teamwork! We offer both one-time and ongoing services to help your team thrive in every season.

5 Voices Bootcamp

The 5 Voices Bootcamp is a 60-90 minute workshop that will explore each team member’s natural strengths, weaknesses, and communication styles. Each participant will walk away with a better understanding of themselves, their teammates, and practical ways to improve team communication.

The 5 Voices Bootcamp is FREE for any team!

Annual Retreats

Take time away with your leadership team to review the past year and plan for the upcoming one. During the retreat, we’ll focus on strategic vision and alignment as well as team member’s individual goals and roles.

Annual Retreats can be half or full-day events and start at $1499.

The Team Enneagram Workshop is a 4-hour workshop where your team will learn about the enneagram while gaining personal leadership insights. Your team will learn how to communicate better and improve teamwork based on each person’s personalities.

The Team Enneagram Workshop starts at $999.

The Invincible Operating System is a complete operating system for the people in your team/company. Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual rhythms combine to empower your team with a data-driven approach to leadership and personal development.

The Invincible OS can accommodate 2-100 people and starts at $599/mo.

Non-profits are eligible for a 20% discount!

Evrgrn Monthly Packages

Our Monthly Team Services include various levels of training and coaching for teams and individuals. Monthly Services are the best way to craft and maintain your dream team!

Any team of up to 10 people can subscribe to a monthly package. Services are delivered both online and in-person.


Need something else? We also have add-ones that can be added to any monthly plan! Set up your consultation now to create your own customized monthly plan.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Bronze Plan is $299/mo.

The Silver Plan is $699/mo.

The Gold Plan starts at $1100/mo and varies based on team size.

Non-profits are eligible for a 20% discount!

Explanation of SErvices

Team Training

One hour every month for your whole team to be trained on a new teamwork concept or tool.

Team Coaching

One hour every month for your whole team to work through real-time application and problem solving current issues.

Coaching Email

An anonymous email at the beginning of each month to gather crucial data to advise your team in the best way possible.

Annual Summit

A half or whole day annual event to align the team and make plans for the next year.


One hour per month dedicated to bringing new team members up to speed on the core concepts.

1:1 Coaching

One hour per month of dedicated 1:1 coaching time to help your team leader work through any issues they’re failing.

1:1 Coaching For ALL

Up to one hour each month with each team member to coach through issues they may be facing.

Discounts on One-Time Services

Discounts of 5, 10, & 50% (respectively0 on any one-time Evrgrn services for the life of your membership.

Working with Evrgrn is easy!

Schedule a free consultation to select the service that’s right for you.

Attend the sessions you selected. We’ll send you everything you need to prepare.

Unlock the potential of your team & make other leaders jealous!

What Our Clients Say

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"Understanding your team is one of the best ways to grow as a leader. Evrgrn is the real deal. Your team will walk away motivated and empowered. And as you know, when your team gets healthy, your business gets healthy."


—  Daniel, Deliver Hope

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