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Evrgrn is Your Guide To The enneagram & Organizational health

What is the Enneagram?

The enneagram is an ancient tool that we use to help people understand themselves and each other. 

Similar to DISC, Myers-Briggs, and other personality assessments, the enneagram focuses on our internal motivations and helps us see how different people view the world.

"The common denominator when we're trying to get anything done successfully - whether it's communicating, influencing, building a team, implementing a project plan, managing a change effort, creating a strategic plan, or trying to assure that everyone will be delighted at our next event - is the ability to take on another person's point of view."

- Karl Hebenstreit, Taking Care of Business with the Enneagram 

Pick a Training that's right for you.

Intro to Enneagram

1 Hour

Intro to Enneagram is the bare-bones training if you are crunched for time. Your team will each receive an enneagram assessment, a workbook, and a crash-course on the 9 different personality types of the enneagram.

Enneagram Workshop

3-4 Hours

Our Enneagram Workshop is a great way for your team to begin their journey to thriving in every season. Each person will receive their own enneagram assessment, workbook, and an in-depth enneagram training which will cover the 9 personality types of the enneagram as well as how your team can use this information to work together better.

Enneagram Intensive

6-8 Hours

Want to do an all-day or overnight off-site with your team? The Enneagram Intensive is what you need. Each team member will receive their own enneagram assessment and workbook. As a team, we will then cover all the basics of the enneagram, how your team can communicate and work together better, and how each person can become a better team player. We'll also give plenty of time for each team member to work through their own personal stories and how those stories impact your team as a whole.

Here's what is included with each...

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